Paul King | Freelance Architect

Cambridge Apartments


Project: A 27 unit apartment complex overlooking the Avon river, Christchurch CBD

Client: McDonald and Horton Architects

The developer’s brief was to maximize the number of apartments on the site on a very tight budget, yet we were able to mitigate what was threatening to become a grim slab sided bulk looming over street and neighbours, by articulating the building into four discreet ‘domestic’ forms surrounding a central courtyard.

The steep pitched roofs, deep reveals and expressed concrete block finish we hope respecting the neighbourhood, and alluding to some of the best Christchurch 1970’s ‘romantic modern’ precedents.

Using ArchiCAD BIM technology,  liaising closely with the client,  I was able to resolve the design, model and prepare the drawn documentation for the entire complex from sketch planing through to construction essentially single handedly, where traditionally a team would have been required.