If you are an Architect looking for assistance, you have come to the right place!    Here are 12 reasons why freelance architect Paul King might be a good fit for your project:

  • PAUL IS A REGISTERED ARCHITECT: he understands the needs and implications of good design, and the higher standards and care that Architects must continually exercise to merit the title.
  • PAUL IS HIGHLY TRAINED AND EXPERIENCED: Paul graduated first in his year and first in design at Victoria School of Architecture in 1990, & has been working with top architectural practices ever since, with experience spanning a full range of project types and budgets.
  • PAUL HAS A RARE COMBINATION OF ABILITIES: Possessing both an Architect’s design sensitivity, and an advanced CAD/BIM user’s technical discipline, Paul eliminates the conflict between these two normally opposing skill sets and mindsets, and is uniquely placed to deliver first-rate computer-based design and design visualization outcomes for marketing, competition work and Resource Consent impact analysis, or integrated as part of your documentation and client communication processes, easily handling what would otherwise require a larger team.
  • PAUL SIMPLIFIES YOUR LIFE: No messy employment contracts or obligations, no holiday pay, no sick pay, no severance pay, no ACC, no PAYE tax to deal with. Pay him only when you need him.
  • PAUL ADDS VALUE THROUGHOUT: Your project can be at any stage. Paul can design or work with your designer producing presentation and documentation outcomes that develop and portray the design intent sensitively and to best advantage.
  • PAUL HAS THE BEST METHODOLOGY :Wherever possible, Paul maximizes the benefits of the BIM philosophy which simultaneously integrates the 2D working drawing and other outcomes with a 3D model, right through the design, visualization and documentation process – allowing the impact of design changes to be efficiently and effectively communicated to clients and consultants, and to provide building analysis and marketing outcomes that will raise the practice profile and help secure future work for you.
  • PAUL HAS THE BEST TECHNOLOGY: Paul uses up to date and powerful hardware & software, and operates at the forefront of new developments in the field – giving you access to the latest techniques and capabilities and delivering ever-improving outcomes to you and your clients.
  • PAUL IS AN I. T. GURU: Paul can help practices specify and implement up-to-date, balanced and cost-effective I. T. solutions. You can consult him on data backup, troubleshooting, installing & updating software, and on ways to get the best out of your existing systems. Paul can source and evaluate the best hardware deals around for you at any given time, and build, test and set up PC’s and whole network systems to your requirements.. Most importantly, he can communicate with you about these things using everyday language!
  • PAUL IS CONNECTED: He need not consume any of your office space or resources, and can work and collaborate effectively with you via the internet; using e-mailed sketches and 3D views, Skype, BIMserver, file transfer etc. to whatever level your organization can support. Paul can even be working for you while your office is closed.
  • PAUL IS PORTABLE: If required Paul can work in-house for local practices – allowing you and your staff to “pick his brains” as required to permanently improve your own skills, systems and efficiency. Travel to meetings outside Christchurch also available.
  • PAUL IS COST EFFECTIVE: Because his specialist skills and equipment need only be accessed as required, client practices are freed to invest their focus, resources and staff on more profitable full-time activities – meaning lower staff training, salary and equipment overheads for you, yet very competitive “high-tech” outcomes on tap.
  • PAUL IS AFFORDABLE: All services are offered at extremely reasonable rates whether on an hourly, percentage or lump sum basis – please contact us to discuss your project!