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Architecture Prime is directed by Registered Architect Paul King, a leading Freelance Architect based in Christchurch but working on projects across New Zealand.

Your most challenging commercial, institutional and residential needs are exciting design opportunities to Paul.

Collaborating fruitfully with you and other project team members, and seeing your goals and dreams turned into reality are what bring Paul his greatest professional satisfaction.

Paul’s most demanding clients  are often other architects!  He is frequently asked to help busy practices with building design, documentation, design visualization, marketing and consultancy services.  A rare combination and depth in design skill, experience and the latest technological know-how allows Paul to be more capable, flexible and effective than most.

The bottom line is that you can have more expertise for your money, and don’t necessarily need to pay for a larger and more cumbersome team.

We can help you:

Upgrade your life – A large claim there for sure, but think about it – your surroundings have a profound impact on how you live and how you feel every day. Good design can deliver HUGE benefits for your lifestyle! And of course help you provide the best for your family, employees and customers.

Respect the environment – Every project has unique opportunities and challenges but good design always has a positive rather than negative impact on its environment, in every sense of the word. We design sensitively to respect and enhance your site, your neighbourhood, and to meet your energy efficiency and other sustainability goals.

Build with confidence – There are many “architectural designers” out there but only a genuine Registered Architect has met stringent qualifications, skills and experience requirements – simply a safer bet!

See what you are getting – Our integrated 3D design visualisation technology lets you really understand what you are getting as the design evolves, and before it is too late to change! Compelling images help communicate and market your proposal to others as well.

Maximize value, minimize cost – Good design improves your return on investment. Ask any real estate agent – the same budget can achieve so much more for you and your bottom line – your mileage may vary, but a recent house project sold for around 5 times the build cost![/cherry_col][/cherry_row]

At the end of the day, prime architecture is what makes prime real estate – so please do contact us today to find out more about your new project!

Paul King, Registered Architect

B.Bsc. B.Arch (1st class hons), ANZIA