Paul King | Freelance Architect

Are You Really Ready to Build?

Problems? What problems? If you are building for the first time, it is only natural that you would feel pretty excited and enthusiastic about getting things under way – it is after all an exciting thing you are doing – very possibly a once in a lifetime thing. For the most part, potential problems and pitfalls […]

Christchurch ’48 Hours’ Competition

Christchurch Architects were put to the challenge recently, with a design competition to address the earthquake ravaged city centre. Starting at midday on 1st July 2011 and finishing an exhausting but exhilarating 48 hours later, 15 teams comprising over a hundred Architects, architectural designers, landscape architects, urban designers, engineers and students gathered together at Lincoln […]

Auckland Waterfront Competition

Just found some work we did in a joint submission with some landscapers for the Queen’s Wharf architectural competition back in 2009, intended to provide event space for the upcoming Rugby World Cup. Our scheme disappeared without a trace of course (the first clue that something was going badly wrong!) and as it turned out […]

Stimulating Environments May Save Lives

(source: Katsnelson Stress has acquired a bad image as a contributor to disease, but a little stress may be no bad thing. Mice raised in a complex environment providing social interactions, opportunities to learn and increased physical activity are less likely to get cancer, and better at fighting it when they do, a new […]