Use lateral thinking to exploit the spatial and sculptural possibilities of compact but well crafted and elegant forms.  Work with

Forge a strong connection with nature, a serene oasis, even while positively engaging with and enhancing a vibrant urban environment

Design with integrated and responsive 3D visuals and written outcomes, to get hard to please tenants, investors and other stakeholders

Exploit emerging technologies in prefabrication, 3D printing, self sufficient green energy systems etc.

Achieve a vibrant mixture of commercial and residential activities on the same site, without compromising either

Build in flexibility to accommodate the accelerating rate of change in building use patterns and servicing.

Design to reflect your artistic and aesthetic sensitivity, spirituality, environmental views and lifestyle aspirations, without compromising practicality

Accommodate elegantly what might otherwise dominate and diminish your experience.  For example make best use of the sun, while protecting

Maximising resale value while minimising cost – a lot easier if the design is good