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Christchurch Earthquake Update: Our condolences to all those who have suffered the loss of a friend, colleague or loved one during the recent events. 

If your home, office or other building has been damaged and you are making an insurance claim, you may well be entitled to an Architect.  We are fortunate enough to have remained fully operational, and are in a position to assist with rebuilding or repairs, including any improvements you might wish to consider while the opportunity exists - please call for information.

Architecture Prime Ltd is a small, experienced and cost efficient design practice.

We love to work with people from all walks of life and help turn their dreams into reality, and the tougher your assignment, the more we enjoy it! In fact Architecture Prime is regularly asked by other architects to help with building design, building plans, design visualisation, marketing and consultancy services - and for anything concerning buildings, architects make the most demanding clients of all!

We can help you:

A key point of difference is the way we master and deploy advances in 3D design technology ahead of the competition to capture significant gains in efficiency and effectiveness - leveraging a unique combination and depth in both design skill and technological know-how to maximise results and value for clients.

Architecture Prime has been providing architectural services to satisfied customers in Christchurch and throughout New Zealand since 1999.

At the end of the day, prime architecture is what makes prime real estate - so please contact us today to discuss your new project!

Director: Paul King, Registered Architect
B.Bsc. B.Arch (1st class hons), ANZIA